Wednesday, February 20, 2008

WW2 American bomb found during construction in the city next to mine

So i was busily working on a worksheet on stereotypes and homosexuality (dont ask) when Yokota sensei came in and told me about a ww2 American bomb that was found by a construction crew in the city next to mine. It was found a couple of weeks ago and weighs over 100kg. How fascinating is that? And terrifying at the same time.

It also happens to be next to the highway that Yokota sensei drives to work on.

My city is on the left side in the middle and is written わらび and the bomb is marked with the red arrow.

They will be extracting the bomb on the 2nd of March at 9:30am. There is a 24 hour military watch until then because they are worried it might explode.

I also asked if it would be put into a History Museum but apparently it will be taken apart and turned into cans. Which as a westerner i find quite strange because it is something rare (to me) and quite interesting to see. I would pay to go and have a look at it. But they dont put things like that in museums here in Japan.

And Yokota sensei said that this happens every so often here in Japan. The American's did drop alot of bombs on Japan during ww2 so i guess it is inevitable that some would still be around.

Article on an ww2 bomb found in 2005

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