Friday, February 1, 2008

Right brain vs left brain

So i finally finished reading my book on what makes the Japanese Japanese. And one of the most fascinating things i read about was right brain vs left brain in language learning. It claims that English speakers use their left side of the brain for language and Japanese (rich in vowels) and other picture script languages use their right side of the brain. The author of this research says that the Japanese are as they are because they use the right side of their brain which is the emotional side of the brain. This means that when a Japanese hears a foreign language like English there brains have to switch hemispheres. Which confuses them and places them in an alien world. This means that because English and Japanese languages are processed on different sides of the brain, there are differences in behaviours as well.

Of course there are many other theories but this one was the most interesting to me. When reading the chapter, I felt a sudden understanding as to why it is hard to learn picture script languages for English speakers. I am not sure if it was an explanation of why I have had to study Japanese for so long to get a good grasp of it. Very interesting theory i think.

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