Sunday, February 17, 2008

Some more cultural learnings..........

So this week has been very good. Prior to this week i have spent alot of time sleeping in between classes and feeling very unhappy at school. However, this past week, i have actually been busy and have been teaching alot more. Gomi Sensei asked me to do some revision with her second year elective classes. They have been learning about the differences between Japanese and North American appearances. It has been very interesting reading the textbook and talking to the Japanese teachers about the differences. It has been a fascinating week. And here are a couple of the things i learnt.

Japan - the most important person stands in the middle of the elevator at the back. (Furtherest from the door)

Australia - You can stand anywhere

Seating in Cars
And the most interesting is where the most important person sits in a car or taxi.

Japan - in the back behind the driver, least important person sits in front passenger seat

Australia - usually the front passenger seat

This didnt make sense to me because if u sit behind the driver you cant see anything. But Yokota Sensei said that it is the most safe place in the car and that is why.

The Japanese are so precise about everything. This is very interesting and i dont know how i feel about it. But i do know that this would be good information for new JETs and other foreigners.

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