Sunday, February 24, 2008

Japanese Subway - the food not the trains

Subway in Japan is of course different but also the same.

Only three choices of bread,
  • Honey oats
  • Sesame seed
  • Wholegrain

They have a herb dog......i am wishing i had taken a photo of it

You can get avocado on your sandwich. And not just a small layer but a huge scoop. It was awesome

There are no cookies or crisps

The meal sets (with your sandwich) are

  • potato wedges and a drink
  • soup and a drink
  • soup and potato wedges

The potato wedges come in four flavours

  • herb
  • cheese
  • regular
  • BBQ

BUT even with all the differences it was so good............and just what i wanted....turkey and salad sandwich.

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