Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Some interesting thoughts...........

So in Japan, you arent allowed to talk on your phone on the trains or buses. And the few times i have done it, i have been stared down by people and yelled at by the bus driver. So why when i was on the train the other night at 10pm did i count 4 Japanese people talking on their mobiles. Is there some unwritten rule that says that you can talk after a certain time????And they were not even talking in the quiet way where they cover their mouths with their hands. Plus two of them were sitting in the priority seating area. Where u arent even allowed to message on your mobile, in case u disturb the baby in a mum's tummy, or an old person or a disabled person. The strange thing about this is that a disabled person wouldnt be able to get on the train most of the time. My station has no elevator so wheelchairs cant get to the platform. And another thought is....why cant u message near the priority seats......is the baby gonna hear u typing on your phone.

Just some of the many things that perplex me on a daily basis in Japan.

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Leon said...

apparently the reason is pacemakers get upset by the signals put out by phones...even when you aren't texting or talking. The signs actually tell you to turn them off, by personally that's bull, if you ask me!
The very same bull crap that makes people think a phone signal can cause an explosion at a servo in Australia even though they have just as many phones here but they have never heard

I think the reason people get away with it at night is all about our great friend alcohol...!