Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A lesson in Japanese.......

So i have been taking this course on the internet through the Japan Foundation in Sydney. And sometimes i need to ask some questions. So Sasaki sensei or Yokota Sensei usually help me. Today, it was Sasaki sensei who helped and he learned something new too. I was learning about adjectives. In Japanese there are two types of adjectives, the i and the na. After the English department meeting in lesson 4, Sasaki sensei asked the other teachers about this. My questions had stopped any normal conversation and the entire English department were discussing Japanese adjectives. While i didnt understand everything, it was amazing how this just took over. I guess i thought that they wouldnt be interested. Anyway, Sasaki sensei learned today that there are two different adjectives in Japanese. They dont teach them as two separate types in Japan.

The main reason for this post is that i found it amazing how the conversation was dominated by this. They were still talking about it when i left the room 20 mins later. And Molly sensei actually went and wrote out an information sheet on the adjectives so that i could revise. It was really nice of her considering test week is coming up.

Anyway, most of you probably dont care about this but i thought it was interesting. I knew there were two types of adjectives in Japanese because i teach it in Australia but a Japanese person didnt know about this distinction. Very interesting.

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