Sunday, February 24, 2008

Airport of security in Japan - or lack there of

Airport security in Japan is so lax. When i flew to Sapporo, we were amazed at how lax the security was.

Firstly, we handed over our booking sheet and then they just handed us our tickets. No asking for ID to make sure we were who we said we were.

Then we went through security screening for our check in luggage. Then through the hand luggage security. You have to take all electronic things out of your bag and they randomly check liquids for explosives. BUT this is as extensive as the security gets. Oh and the weird thing is that every bag and coat and EVERYTHING is put on a tray by the security guy. And you have to wait behind a line to be called to have him put everything on the trays. Only in Japan i tell you. I am sure it was not about security but just cause of the formal nature of Japanese society.

When we boarded the plane, they didnt check your ticket to make sure you were going on the right flight. Or that you were even meant to be a passenger on that plane. It would be so easy to get on a plane with just any ticket. VERY LAX SECURITY!!!! And then they dont check your ticket when you enter the plane. It did not instill alot of confidence. You could use a ticket, any ticket to get onto a plane. I could keep my ticket and go through the security and then get on a plane. I bet no-one would even notice. Not that i would of course but compared to Australia and the USA. The two American girls, Becca and Meg were amazed at the lack of security.

BUT the most astounding thing was that you had to keep your luggage tags and show them to the attendant before you leave. AND they check to make sure that you only have your luggage. And if you lose the tags you have to wait until the last person has left so that they know you only have your luggage.

SO lets review.
  • You can get your ticket without showing ID
  • You can get on the plane without anyone looking at your ticket
  • BUT you have to show your luggage tag so they dont hold your bags hostage.


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