Sunday, February 17, 2008

My Valentine's Day

It is nothing like the ones in Australia. You wouldnt even know it was Vday here. I even forgot that it was by the afternoon. Until one of my favourite students came to visit me. Naomi is a third year and was working on the yearbook. Third years (yr12) dont have school anymore. I was in the teacher's prep room and she came in to give me a Valetine's gift. In Japan, if u dont have a boyfriend, you give chocolates to your girlfriends. She was up till 6am melting the chocolate and putting it into tiny pattie pans. There was even one with both chocolate and strawberry flavours. It was really awesome. One was decorated with an L and another with a smily face. It was a very nice afternoon. And much nicer than the full on and in your face Vday we have in Australia.

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Anonymous said...

How sweet of her! Over here in the US, you can sort of tell it's Vday, but nobody does what she did. I'm envious now:)