Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Japan is like Disneyland

As usual i got off the train at Kawaguchi station and began walking to my bus stop. However, as soon as i walked out of the station, I noticed that the flowers in all of the massive stone pots had changed. Yesterday, they were cabbage flowers. And told they were smaller flowers much like a pansie. I looked around and all of the flowers had changed. I had only walked through there about 10 hours earlier on my way home.

I suddenly thought that it was like Disneyland because the same thing happened when my family went to Disneyland in LA. One day there was a huge christmas tree and as assortment of flowers and shrubs. And then the next no xmas tree and the shrubs and flowers were all different. This is exactly what happened at my station. It was quite strange because last time this happened i didnt even pay attention. I just noticed the pretty cabbage flowers.

When i told Sasaki Sensei about this he said this a good way to describe Japan. Not really sure what he meant but i guess i will ask him next time he has a free lesson.

I just asked him and he meant that in Japan there are so many festivals and everything is made to look pretty and is so precise. Like Disneyland.

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