Friday, February 22, 2008

Dog walking in Japan

Every morning as i walk to the train and bus i see Japanese people walking their dogs. They are very conscious about cleaning up after their dogs, which i think is great. But today i nearly fell out of my seat when i say a lady getting toliet paper out of her little doggie clean up bag. She was going towards the dog and i seriously thought that she was going to wipe its bottom. Which is not totally unbelievable in Japan. She didnt but just the idea that this was happening was quite funny. It is hard to describe to someone who hasnt lived here why it is believable that a Japanese would wipe their dog's bum. But i guess the easiest way to explain this, is to say there are many things in Japan that are so different and amazing to me.

Also, why do many Japanese people carry their dogs across the road when they cross at a pedestrian crossing. Can the dogs not walk on the road?

Many people here dont stop for these crosswalks. BUT the dogs that i have seen being carried are at the traffic light crossings. I know they cant press the button themselves but the traffic is stopped. Why are they carried?????

If anyone has an answer please leave me a comment.

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