Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Western Valentines Day vs Japanese Valentines Day

Well, lets start with the fact that it is the opposite way in Japan. The girls give to the boys in Japan. But they usually only give chocolates. Yokota Sensei just came into the room and said that sometimes they also now give a card as well. Basically, in Japan it is for Junior and Senior High School students.

And they have an extra day in March for the boys to give to girls. March 14th. It is called White Day. Yokota Sensei said that Japanese companies made this day to sell products about 15 years ago. The boys give something more expensive to the girls than what they got on Feb 14th from the girls.

Isnt that interesting?????? Well i thought it was anyway. Also there are very few cards anywhere in Japan for Valentines Day. But many little knick knacks for the girls to buy the boys.

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