Monday, September 3, 2007

Visiting Keiko

Keiko spent one year living with my grandparents in Pt Pirie. So she calls them mum and dad.

I went to see Keiko in late August. We met up and then went to a really nice Japanese BBQ resturant. Her mother was also there. We sat in this cute little booth and it was a fun experience.

Then we headed to her mums house and there we had afternoon tea. We visited Keikos uncles cake shop to get some arvo tea and also they bought me some omeyage (gifts). While at her mums house, I met Keikos brother and her sister Masako. It was a really lovely afternoon.

Then Keiko and i headed back to her house in Fujioka. I was not in the city anymore. It was great. So quiet and I loved all of the rice fields. I had a nice dinner with her family and then we headed upstairs to watch the Osaka Athletics. I met her husband and children last year around this time and boy had they grown. I enjoyed spending time with her daughter Akio especially. She wouldnt even talk to me the last time we met so it was great to get to know her abit more.

The next morning, Keiko cooked a huge meal of both Japanese and Western food. It was really nice. Then i headed back home on the train. But not before i had a ride in their Hybrid car. It was really cool.

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