Saturday, September 29, 2007

Earthquake AGAIN..............

So i was lying on my futon last night about 11pm and all of a sudden the building started to shake. Not as big as the last one. I thought it was just a car going past or something. As ill-informed and earthquake innocent, as I am. It stopped and then began again and the lights in the room were swinging. I actually think that it was an aftershock from the earthquake that occurred at 8:30pm in the prefecture right near mine called Chiba. Have a look at the maps that are on this link to check out where the earthquakes were. The first one shows the earthquake in Chiba at 8:30pm and the second shows the ones all over Japan and you can see the one that i felt. I look at this website everyday to see where the earthquakes are. It is really interesting to see how many they have here.

Chiba Earthquake -

Small earthquakes around Japan -

This website is really good for tracking typhoons that might be coming to Japan. In case any of you are interested. I think all of this is very interesting because in Alice Springs we dont have any of these things.

On a really positive point, it is finally starting to cool down. I am so glad. And it is almost october so that means much cooler weather here in Japan.

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