Sunday, September 23, 2007

Hiroshima and Miyajima

Over the long weekend, I went to to Hiroshima and Miyajima. I took the shinkansen (bullet train) to Hiroshima at 6am in the morning. I left from Tokyo and that meant leaving my local station at 4:45am. Needless to say, once we went past Mt Fuji, I was fast asleep. The train was not full at all so that was great. Once i arrived in Hiroshima, I went and got the local cable car to my hotel. My hotel was actually right near the Peace Memorial Park. I could see the A-Bomb Dome (the shell of a building left from the nuclear bombing) from my room window. I could also see the Peace Memorial Museum.

So i checked in and then headed off to the Peace Memorial Park. I first went to the museum. It was interesting. The most disturbing thing that was in the museum was the human skin and nails that was all that one family found. It was really gross. I also saw the step that has a shadow on it from when someone was sitting there when the bomb dropped. Also saw the Sadako cranes. Sadako is the little girl who made the 1000 cranes in hope that she would get better. She made some really small ones.

Then i headed to the other parts of the park. I took some great photos of the children's memorial. Which has Sadako on the top of it holding a golden crane.

Then i went to the A-bomb dome. I got some great shots of it. It is amazing that it is still standing. It is the only structure still standing today that was around during the bombing.

It then started to pour with rain. So i took a taxi to the Hiroshima Castle. Which was interesting cause the taxi driver didn't understand what i meant. But got there and learned a new word. The castle was awesome. I loved it. It was so beautiful.

Then it was back to the hotel for a nap and then a really nice italian dinner. I couldn't get into the hotel resturant so i had to venture out. I found this great italian resturant and had lobster for 2000 yen or $20.00 AU. It was awesome. Ate lots of garlic bread too.

The next day i went to take some more photos and make sure that I didn't miss anything. I went to take a photo of the burial mound which is huge and contain ashes of many of the people who died. Also went to ring the peace bell. You can also ring the bell at the children's memorial.

Then i headed to Miyajima. Which is an island off the coast of the city of Hiroshima. The famous thing about Miyajima is the shrine that is there and the huge red torii gate. Oh and the tame deer that will eat anything they can get. I will post some photos soon. The torii gate is one of the three most famous sights in Japan. Anyway, I stayed on the island for the night and just cruised around. I ate lots of Oysters. Cause Miyajima is famous for its oysters and its spicy eel dish. My hotel was really nice but was along way from the tourist stuff. I dont think i would stay there again because it was so far away. Anyway, so i wandered around the island did all the sightseeing. I thought the torii date was great. The shrine near it was not as awesome but still interesting.

I was patting this deer and then it tried to eat my shirt. It was crazy. I had to pull it out of its mouth. They really will eat anything they can find. Someone dropped a handkerchief and a deer was eating that.

On the last day of the long weekend i sat and watched the tide coming in. It was really awesome to be out of the city and to smell the sea.

Then took the Shinkansen back to Tokyo.

Link for my photos of Hiroshima and Miyajima:

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