Wednesday, September 12, 2007

My school - Kawaguchi Ichiritsu

My school is a high school and is called Kawaguchi Ichiritsu. It has about 1000 students. I had to give a speech at the first assembly and there were so many faces looking up at me. The school is a senior school so it goes from year 10 - 12.
They call the classes by 1st year, 2nd year and 3rd year. 3rd year being yr 12. It an old school but still very nice. The students are friendly and i cant walk down the hall without them yelling hello to me and waving. And then as I walk away, I hear 'Kawaii' which means cute. It is very strange being called cute. They also stare at me alot. I guess cause i am new and foreign but i feel very aware of all the eyes that follow me. It is very weird.

I have just finished teaching all of the 2nd year classes about Australia. They are reading a chapter on a lady who walked across the desert with her camels. I was getting sick of doing the same thing and then i had a break for a couple days and taught 3rd years. I made most of the 2nd years try vegemite so i am pretty sure many of them dont like me anymore. Just joking. They hated vegemite. Only two out of 300 students liked it. It was very funny watching their faces. I will post some photos later.

The classes here are very different to the ones in Australia. Some of them are so quiet and shy. I had one class that didnt speak or answer any questions the whole time i was in there. And then I have classes that are more like the ones in Australia. But you only have to ask once for them to be quiet and they are. It is very good.

I am starting to get involved in the extra curricular activities. I have an English conversation club on Tuesdays that is open to anyone. And on Thursdays, I have an English help class for Year 12 students who are taking the English Exam to get into uni. I also have a group of student who come and have lunch with me twice a week and we talk about new topics each time. We also read the English newspaper I buy. They get very excited when they see news about Japan in English.

This weekend, the school has its festival. Each school has a festival. Kinda like a fair and we are preparing for that tomorrow. It is going to be really great.

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