Saturday, September 29, 2007

School Festival - what an awesome couple of days.

Each senior high school has a festival once a year. It was awesome. The students spent the Thursday preparing for the festival. The main features are that each class comes up with a theme or games and decorate their classroom accordingly. There are ten classes in each year level and there are over 300 students in each year level. The third years (yr12) tend to have the better displays cause they have had more practice and are more mature and motivated.

Then Friday is the day when staff and students can experience the festival before opening it to the public on Saturday. I didn't enjoy this day as much as the Saturday. I think it was because the students went abit crazy. They were so excited and they were just going mad. Plus when they get excited I cant understand their Japanese or English cause it is so fast.

The Saturday was awesome. I really enjoyed it. There were many flea markets in the classrooms with lots of cute disney stuff. And many different types of food. Class 3-10 sold Onigiri, which are rice balls with filling in them. My favourite was the tuna one. I bought a whole bunch to try and that was good cause now when i have the option to buy them again I will know which ones i like and which i dont.

There was also a couple ice cream shops. One had the strangest ice cream in the world. It was little tiny balls of ice cream all together in a package. I mean tiny balls, just a little bigger than a mustard seed. I enjoyed it so much i had two of them throughout the day.

One of my English club girls, Mami spent the day with me, helping me by translating the really complicated game rules. Plus it was just fun to hang out with her and she spoke English all day whice made me very proud. Her English is really good and I was very grateful to have her with me. We went through two mazes. Which was hard work. We both had skirts on. Mine was much longer than hers but we had to go under desks and over desks and slip through small areas. It was very funny and very hot. I think we were both glad to be out of them. On one I just gave up and we left half way through.

One of the games i liked the most was done by one of the third year classes. You had to catch the person/s who killed one of the teachers. So you had to get five or six stickers from anyone wearing a purple shirt. But you had to get four circles, a love heart and a star. And some purple people had already given them away to others playing the game so it was a challenge to find the right people. I really enjoyed it. It was so simple but so fun. And interactive. You had to go through the room and look at the photos of the WANTED students and then go and find them. It was great.

I also went to the tea ceremony room and got to watch some of the students who are learning to do the tea ceremony. It was really good. Although i still dont like green tea and the sweets that you get in a tea ceremony.

I took lots of awesome photos. So here is the link so that you can all have a look.


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