Monday, September 3, 2007

Harajuku with Beth Moyses

On Saturday night, I met up with a girl i knew in Alice Springs. She is just visiting for a week or so. Anyway, after being a half hour late because i couldnt find the west exit of the Shinjuku station. Man, that station is huge. Anyway, after Beth had phoned my mobile 5 times, i finally found my way. Then we headed off to Harajuku to see the kids all dressed up in costumes and goth etc. Got some really good photos of the girls but theboys were abit shy. Then we walked to this really nice shrine. And i mean walked. It was a long way. Once we got there it was nice because there were two weddings having photos taken. The women looked really beautiful. Then we headed back to have some dinner. We had pasta in a French resturant and people watched. Then Beth came back to have a look at my place.

She is now staying with me until her grandad arrives on Wed.

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