Sunday, September 9, 2007

My schedule for September

10th - 12th regular days at school

13th - All day festival preparation at school
14th - School Festival (Bunkasai)
15th - School Festival (Bunkasai), My welcome party at school

16th - Hiroshma
17th - Hiroshima (national holiday)
18th - Hiroshima (replacement day off for going to school on the saturday for festival)

19th - School
20th - School
21st - School
22nd - Sumo Tournament in Tokyo (so excited to see this in person)
23rd -
24th - National Holiday

25th - 27th Regular School days
28th - Judging English Speech contest all day.

29th - Soccer Tournament in Nagano (that's right I am gonna play soccer)
30th - Soccer Tournament in Nagano

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