Friday, September 7, 2007

My first Typhoon.....not such a big deal.

So I got to work on Wednesday and one of my teachers told me about a typhoon that was coming. I rarely watch Japanese TV because it is so strange and I cant understand it. Anyway, the typhoon was meant to hit my area yesterday at 6am. That much i got off the Japanese news. But by Thursday morning, it was sunny again. So I checked again and the internet said that it would be here at 6pm. 6pm came around and still nothing that huge. I imagined that there would be really strong winds that would rattle my windows and lots and lots of rain. Anyway, then the weather bureau changed it to midnight. I must have slept through the whole thing. The windows rattled a little bit last night but not much.

I am actually a little disappointed. Cause I thought it was gonna be a really huge storm that was spectacular. Today, it is windy but not like i would have imagined. Guess we are lucky here because we are inland. The TV footage showed really strong winds. The reporter guy was blown over and almost ended up in the ocean.

The only good thing about the typhoon, is that we got the morning off school. Not sure why. It was worse yesterday arvo. Not that i am complaining.

Yeah for the morning off. Thanks typhoon no.9

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