Thursday, September 13, 2007

The biggest bee I have ever seen in my life.....

Now, normally I am not scared of bugs....but this was the biggest bee I have ever seen. It also happened to be the most deadly in Japan. One of the male teachers was trying to get it out the window and he said that if it stung me I would have to go to hospital straight away.

It is called Suzumebaki.

Suzume means sparrow
Baki means bee

Which basically means that it can kill sparrows it is so dangerous. I thought it was because it was so big they called it a sparrow bee. I was wrong but if you had seen it you would have freaked out too. It was bigger than an Australian wasp. It is actually an Asian Hornet but in Japan they called it a sparrowbee.

I will post a photo later.

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tmuller said...

Hi Laura, checked into your blog today and read a few entries. Sounds like you are settling in well, your classes sound so different to ours, fancy most students actually being interested in what a teacher might have to say. Enjoy your time, do you speak in Japanese very much? Are your own skills getting a workout??

Have fun. Regards Tony Muller