Friday, April 4, 2008

Yokohama with Gramps

When Nan and Grampy came to Japan 20 years ago they stayed in Nikko and did alot of travelling throughout the country. But they never made it to Yokohama. So Gramps and I headed down there for a day. After getting off the train, we took an eco friendly taxi to the Cosmo Clock Ferris Wheel.

We went along the road called Sakura Dori which had Cherry Blossoms trees lining it. It was very beautiful. However, we were hungry so i suggested the Hard Rock Cafe. Gramps had never been there so he said why not. He has been really good like that, always up for trying new things. We had a huge but yummy lunch there and apart from the really loud music which i also hated, it was lovely.
Then we headed over to ride the ferris wheel, which has the biggest capacity in the world. So it is not the biggest ferris wheel in the world but can hold the most people. It takes around 15 mins to go around, depending on how many times it stops to let people on. It was a very enjoyable ride and we saw lots of sakura (cherry blossoms) and a great view of the harbour

You can see Sakura Dori ( road lined with cherry blossom trees)

Then we headed out on one of the water taxis to have a look at the harbour. It was very relaxing.

This is us waiting to get on the boat. I love these photos. They are two of my favourites from Gramps visit. I expecially like the one of the two of us just sitting there.

The tallest building in these photos is the Landmark Building.

The below ship was a cruise ship before ww2 and then became a hospital ship during the war and then a cruise ship after the war. It is now a museum.
Then we headed to the Landmark Tower. Which is the highest building in Japan at 750m high and has the fastest elevator in the world. It takes just 40 seconds to go from the 2nd floor to the 69th. There we got some awesome photos of Yokohama.

This the Nippon Maru, a Japanese scientific research boat and now museum.
Cosmo Clock ferris wheel from the landmark tower.

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