Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Cruising the Sumida River on the Sakura looking at the Sakura

From the park in Shinjuku, we boarded a boat to cruise the Sumida river. Sachiko and her parents thought this would be a great time to do this because all of the cherry blossoms are out. And also 12 yr old Nana had never seen Sakura (cherry blossoms) before either. Our boat was called the Sakura. How appropriate. And the photo of me is on the boat as we cruised towards the Rainbow Bridge in Tokyo. We also got some good views of Tokyo Tower as we cruised towards the Rainbow Bridge. It looks very much like the Eiffel Tower but is orange and white. And it is not as tall as people think it is. As can be seen in these photos. I always thought that it was very tall. It seems tall when you are standing under it or in it. But compared to these buildings it looks quite small.

Here are some of the photos i took of the awesome cherry blossoms (sakura) along the Sumida River. It was amazing. Nana and i had a great time just wandering around on the boat and taking photos.

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