Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Yakiniku ( Korean BBQ) for lunch with Gramps

I love Yakiniku so i thought it would be a great thing for Gramps to experience. Our friend, Sachiko found a really nice resturant for us to have some lunch while in Shinjuku, Tokyo.

Gramps and Yuji talking at lunch.

Daikon (Japanese Radish), Seaweed and little salty fish. The other two were actually sweet and i didnt hate them which was surprising for me cause i have tried them before and not liked them.

The top meat is tongue, right of that is stomach and then just normal beef. 12 year old, Nana ate all of my and Gramps tongue. Yuji ate all of our stomach. I ordered a seafood plate as well so that was good. Yuji and his wife also gave me some beef. It was an awesome lunch. Great food and company.

Gramps learning the Japanese way. They always give you a bib when eating Yakiniku. I guess cause the BBQ plate in the middle of the table and just cause it gets messy sometimes. I love yakiniku.

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