Friday, April 25, 2008

Dating tips for the Japanese office?????

My fav part is the band aids and sewing kits.......

When all else fails to impress that guy in the office, bend over and flash the flesh

Japan is the land of the subtle nuance, especially when it comes to relations between the sexes in the workplace. Straight shooting is almost always sacrificed for beating around the bush and the direct approach is often socially unacceptable.

What that leads to, says Spa! (12/12) is women sending off a lot of messages to blokes they fancy, only for them to shoot wildly past their intended targets.
Of 200 office ladies surveyed by the men's weekly, 137 or around 70 percent, had tried to let a male co-worker know that they thought he was a bit of all right by remembering how he likes his coffee and making a cuppa for him.

Another 130 said they make up any silly work-related excuse to make an internal call to a feller they fancy. Not that it always works, though.
"Asking him something I didn't know was my way of trying to talk to him. He was really kind and showed me what he wanted, but has also ignored me ever since," a 26-year-old woman working in the apparel industry tells Spa!

Women's approaches to male co-workers are extremely difficult to discern. Often the approach has to be disguised as something work-related, which almost invariably opens up the possibility that the less flirtatious will overlook it.

That happened to one of the 88 surveyed women who played "the woman card" for all it was worth, pretending to struggle lifting heavy items in the hope that a favored male colleague's chivalry would come to the fore and help, thus creating an ice-breaker."He was really cruel," one woman, who failed dismally with a ploy of feigned exertion while tackling a hefty load, tells Spa! "He looked down at me, told me to divide the load into smaller lots and carry them more often. 'That's what you've got a brain for,' he said."

Other women took something of a Boy Scout approach when it came to waiting for the opportunity to let a male co-worker know they were interested. Being prepared for anything, they packed away such things as sewing kits to attach popped buttons or band aids to patch unexpected cuts in the hope that doing so would win the heart of the man they yearned for."I always carried around a sewing kit just in case this guy I liked lost a button and I would be able to impress him by sewing it back on for him," a 27-year-old woman working in the IT field says. "I've been carrying it around for 10 years now and never used it once."

Another OL is in a similar situation with band aids.
"I've had the band aids on me for ages and ages without ever using them and now they're absolutely filthy," the 24-year-old construction industry worker says.

When all else fails, there's still the trump card -- sex! There were 29 OLs who flirted with male co-workers by giving them a flash of cleavage, and another 17 who wore skimpy lingerie and deliberately bent over to display their derrieres. Many OLs, however, regard the concept of "sex sells" as an absolute last resort.
"There's no way," she says indignantly to Spa! "that I'd ever show off my cleavage to any member of the opposite sex who I didn't like." (By Ryann Connell)

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