Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The steepest bike ramp i have ever seen.....

I have taken to riding to school so that i can escape the awful crowded trains and buses. And when i first started to ride, i only rode to Kawaguchi station. This is only 30 mins ride from my house. And then i would park my bike in the bike garage under the station. And it was here that i came across the steepest bike ramps i have ever seen. Some stupid kids in Oz would try and ride down them if they were here. But i would never dare. One side of the station there is a conveyor belt to guide the bikes up out of the garage. But on my side there is nothing. Just the regular old steep bike ramp. This first time i went up it, two of my ex students were watching and took a photo. It was so funny and such hard work. So i then decided that i didnt want to pay the parking fee and the bus fare from the station to my school. So now i am riding everyday for 55 minutes to school.

When i first started to ride, i kept getting lost. It took me nearly 2 hours one day. And i found a McDonalds right near my school. And i was so lost. And on other days i seemed to head in the right direction and then still get lost.

NOW, i am fine. I used the bus route to get myself here and all is good. It is actually a really nice ride and I will be sad when i wont be doing it anymore.

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