Friday, April 25, 2008

Fishing for panties anyone?????

Men can hire a fishing line to try and hook the girls skirts and see their panties........WHOA!!!!!!!!!!

Osaka panchira bar offering barfly fishing for skirt reeling in the punters

An oddball Osaka bar is proving a huge success -- but it's no flash in the pan, instead succeeding with a business model centering on a flash of the frillies, according to Shukan Post (6/8).

Visitors to the Panchira Kissa P*Doll in Osaka's Minami district are served by scantily clad young women who will deliberately strike poses and go to places within the establishment that offers glimpses of their underwear.

A young woman wearing a sexy French maid's outfit greets people entering the bar with the word "chirassaimase," a play on the traditional Japanese welcome of "irasshaimase" and "panchira", which describes a fleeting glance of knickers.
P*Doll's star attraction is its mirror-topped bar, which allows patrons sitting there to cop an eyeful up the waitresses' skirts as they walk along the counter. The waitresses will also put on mini-shows, such as wiggling their bottoms or flashing their G-strings.

"There are about 15 girls working here. All the lingerie we wear is our own," Anri, one of the waitresses at P*Doll, tells Shukan Post. "On weekends, people line up to get in here. Some people even get the bullet train down from Tokyo just to visit."

Shukan Post notes that P*Doll also provides its drinkers who tip generously with a variety of optional services, including the chance to watch a waitress change clothes behind an almost transparent black silk screen, or the chance to have one of the table staff squat down on their haunches with legs apart for a two-minute chat.

But the additional option reeling in the punters is the fishing line, where punters pay to use a fishing rod with a large hook on the end of its line to try and raise a waitress's skirt for a few seconds. (By Ryann Connell)

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