Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Amazing Spring

I have never seen spring like this before. When i lived in Adelaide, there was spring. Alice Springs doesnt really get spring. We get a few flowers but you dont really notice it. Here in Japan it is amazing. The Cherry Blossoms are only around for about 2 weeks. That is the full cycle from first blossom to falling. It takes about one week for the blossoms to come fully out once they start. It was quite sad to see them falling. But also very beautiful.

And now as i ride my bike to school there are other flowers that are coming out. And some of the leaves on the trees have turned shades of purple. It is so great. I thought that once Cherry Blossoms had gone that it would just be like summer here. But it just keeps getting more and more beautiful. And the smell is amazing. Every now and then as i ride to school, i get a wiff of the beautiful flowers. It is so nice.

I will post a link later for the photos i have taken.

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