Friday, April 4, 2008

こどものひ (Children's Day)

On my way to school

In the kindergarten in the Danchi (my apartment block)

In the danchi, the building in front of mine.

A store in Ario displays all the things you can buy to celebrate Children/ boy's day. It is customary to fly to carp streamers from your house and to display the samurai dolls to celebrate this day.

This is the display in the Daiso - or 100 yen store (like a $1 shop)

These photos were taken by my Gramps when he was visiting one of our friends here in Japan. The carp are put up to celebrate Children's Day on the 5th of May. This is a national holiday and part of Golden week. Golden week is a string of national Golden week. Golden week is a string of national holidays at the beginning of May in Japan.

Children's day is called こどものひ or Kodomo no hi. It was originally Boy's Day. Boy's Day would be for celebrating the happiness and success of boys only. There is a Girl's Day in March but it is not a national holiday. So some people think it is unfair that Boy's Day is a national holiday and Girl's Day isnt. So luckily they renamed it in 1948 to be Children's Day.
Children's Day is for respecting childrens' personalities and celebrate their happiness.
We also saw them at Iwatsuki Station as well. These ones were really huge and on top of a building.

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