Tuesday, April 1, 2008

New Japan meets Old Japan

A perfect example of a newer and modernising Japan meeting the old and traditional Japan. After our Yakiniku lunch, we headed to this park which has a traditional Japanese tea house where you can participate in a tea ceremony. The tea ceremony is a perfect example of the traditional nature of Japan. Everything is done in an order and done very precisely. Not the quickest way but the right way. Something foreigner struggle with at times, because in many western countries we are taught to do things the quickest way to achieve the desired result.

The beautiful and very peaceful aspects of the tea ceremony is just like the ambience that traditional Japanese gardens have. I found it incredible that amoungst all these huge buildings there was such a beautiful park. You can see in the photos of the park, the tall buildings outside the garden. This is Japan, a contradiction in so many ways. The traditional ways must be preserved but modernising is necessary as well. That is what this park meant to me.

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