Tuesday, March 11, 2008


So i was just reading the online newspaper and a four year old boy fell onto a chopstick and it got lodged in his head and he died. That is awful and unbelievable. I didnt even know that was possible. I would never have thought that a chopstick could be that harmful. Chopsticks are everywhere here and of course in the rest of Asia as well. I guess it was inevitable that like knives and forks they would be dangerous at some point. How unlucky is this child and his parents. He was just eating cotton candy and then fell and the chopstick it was on went into his head. How awful!

It is strange the things you learn when its test week and you live in Japan. This year has been one huge learning curve. Some good and some bad. But all very worthwhile so far. And there are still 5 months to go or 141 days till end of contract. Thanks Nat for that info.

Verdict imminent in boy's chopstick death lawsuit

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