Saturday, March 29, 2008

Shimbashi for ShabuShabu lunch

My 80 year old Gramps has come to visit me for two weeks in Japan. A pretty big thing for an 80 year old and very special for both of us. He arrived early Saturday morning and i met him at Narita airport. One of their rotary exchange students from 1977 , came with me. Keiko had not seen Gramps in 20 years so it was very special for them. We had to leave for Narita at 5am.

We got him a phone to use while here and shipped his luggage to my house. We had to take two different trains to get home and sometimes there are no elevators or escalators so it is easier to ship it.

Then we headed to Shimbashi to have lunch with another ex-Rotary exchange student Yuki and her family. Keiko also came with us. We met them at the station and then headed for a yummy Japanese lunch. ShabuShabu means shake shake. So you have really thin beef and really nice veges like sprouts and lots of other greens. You put them in a big pot of broth and then cook them. We also had rice and some Japanese pickles. Then we had ramen, which is like a soup with noodles in it. It was a very nice lunch. Yuki's husband Ken and their two kids came too. Yuugo is 2 years old and he just ran around and around the private room we had. And Nana is 8 months so she was easy to look after and i got to have a nice cuddle. Very good little baby. Yuugo was really fun too. A very friendly and agreeable little guy. Plus his Japanese was so cute.

The dessert was probably the most special though. It was sakura (cherry blossom) ice cream. I ordered Vanilla but Gramps gave it a try. He said it tasted like almond and i thought it tasted like tree. Not a fan.

Then we headed home to wait for Gramps luggage.

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