Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Pupils polish potties as elementary school graduation gift

Would never happen in Australia....This is incredible.

SAZA, Nagasaki -- Dozens of 6th grade pupils from Saza Municipal Elementary School got barefoot and cleaned the toilets at their school as a mark of gratitude for the six years of learning they obtained there.
The 68 pupils scrubbed the restrooms following an idea from local volunteer cleaners and worked under a motto of "scrubbing up your toilet will also scrub up your heart."
Initially, some children complained of the smells, but eventually most became absorbed by the task as they ground away at the cisterns with a scrubbing brush.
There was one reluctant girl chided for being "gutless" and another boy who remained frightened until the very end of the exercise to come into contact with a urinal, but another pupil was delighted when the job was over.
"It was like I could wash away my cowardice of the past together with the water we used," the pupil said.

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