Saturday, March 1, 2008

Eating grasshoppers and sparrows

That's right.....eating grasshoppers and sparrows.

Here is all the information you will ever want to know about this.....thanks to a wonderful group of Japanese adults (see below for photos of some of them) who take an English class every thursday. I had the pleasure of spending some time with them and this is what i learned.

One of the ladies told me about her childhood. This included going out to the rice field and catching grasshoppers to take home for her mum to cook. They boil them in soy sauce and sugar. Apparently, they are crunchy on the outside but abit squishy on the inside. How gross does that sound????? But they are a really good source of iron and protein. And very healthy because the rice fields dont have any chemicals on them.

Then came the sparrow conversation with a different lady. Apparently, it is rare to eat them these days but in the country sparrow it is more popular. They are eaten like yakitori (meat on a skewer). So the feathers are pulled off and the the stick is stuck up its bum. Then they cook it over a fire etc and then eat it. I asked about eating the bones and she said that they just bite the head off and eat it. And then just keep eating their way through it. So gross i think. But she said it was really tasty.

Apparently, junior high school boys go out and catch them in nets and traps and then sell them to the people who cook them up to be sold. Below is the illistration that one of the ladies drew for me......

Lets just say there were many many laughs and it toook a long time for them to convince me that they actually do eat both of these things. But they do.....

Anyone for a sparrow????? I dont think so......

Life here in Japan is so interesting......i get to learn all about these wonderful differences in cultures.

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