Saturday, March 29, 2008

Ueno Koen - Sakura viewing

Today, Gramps and i went to Ueno Park to see the Cherry Blossoms (Sakura) and the Hanami parties that the Japanese have. Some people would have had someone staking their picnic spot since 8am this morning. Let me tell you first what i had envisioned. I thought it was would be a big open area that would just be covered by picnicers. But it was more like a walkway with people sitting wherever they could on the pavement. Sort of in between the other plants and walkways. It was still impressive but not how i thought it would be.

The Sakura looked awesome though. It almost looked like the trees were covered in snow. It was amazing. We went late afternoon and stayed in the park until it got dark cause we wanted to see the Sakura lit by the lanterns.

It was a really nice afternoon.

Then we went to TGI Friday (Thank God Its Friday) for dinner. But there was a wait so the waiter brought Gramps a seat out. Then we ran into my friend Becca and her friend Dan. So we all had dinner together. It was Becca's bday on the 25th so she got the standard TGI bday do. She got a huge dessert for free and a polariod. It was really awesome. I had the nicest steak and the most hugemungus margarita. Becca and Dan had a cocktail as well. THough we all agreed that mine seemed much stronger than theirs. Oh and these girls in orange wigs came around with shots of some kind of alcohol and so we had one each. It was 300 yen. And it went straight to my head. But a glass of water fixed that right up and i was good to go.

Then it was home to have a good nights sleep.

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