Sunday, March 23, 2008

Another ripper of an me.

Just in case i want to earn new some extra cash.....and i can have a shower too.....
Get wet and go wild: housewife rakes in extra loot at the neighborhood body wash

If a man has money in his wallet and a gnawing need to get naked and have sex, where would be the most logical place for him to mount his search?

In Japan, the first place that would come to mind would doubtless be a dimly lit alley proximate to a neon-illuminated drinking district, usually within staggering distance of a major commuter rail station.

By contrast, the last place one would think of looking would be in a suburban residential area. But thanks to magazines like Jitsuwa Taiho (April), we have learned to expect the unexpected.
The magazine's reporter was able to get wet and go wild, not in a bar or massage parlor, but in a bathing establishment where low-income earners go to get clean. Although as we shall soon see, in his case it was more like getting cleaned out -- and in more ways than one.

The incident in question occurred at a "coin shower" in Tokyo's Bunkyo-ku, an area with a high population of students who reside in cheap apartments and boarding houses.

These coin showers, which are often set up adjacent to coin-operated laundromats, are like self-service car washes for human bodies. Catering to people whose tiny, low-budget residences lack bathing facilities, they consist of a compact cubicle for disrobing and a shower stall -- with timer-equipped hot water heater -- that is activated by insertion of several hundred yen, permitting a 10- or 15-minute hot-water scrubdown.

Since, unlike the larger neighborhood public bathhouses, they are automated and unmanned, one can slip in for an inexpensive scrub any time of the day or night.

Lurking outside one such place in Tokyo's Bunkyo-ku, Jitsuwa Taiho's reporter encounters a kinky 36-year-old housewife named Miyuki, who has discovered another use for the establishment -- as a spot for turning tricks.

To make contact with her clients, Miyuki uses a prepaid cell phone that cannot be traced to her. Her old-style 'mama-chari' bicycle, a standby of Japanese housewives, makes her appear to her neighbors as if she's headed out for a perfectly innocent shopping expedition. But having a two-wheeler also enables her to flee the scene quickly, should the need arise.

Greeting our reporter with a shy smile, Miyuki's bearing was unmistakably that of a female on the prowl.

Miyuki tells the reporter she never paid much attention to the coin shower in her neighborhood, until one day she caught a glimpse of a happy young couple, wet hair glistening, making their exit together. This gave her the idea that she could utilize a coin shower stall for illicit purposes.
She also lets him in on her secret fetish.

"I'm a little shy about taking about my sexual preferences with a guy I'm meeting for the first time," Miyuki giggles. "But when I was young, I played around a lot. If I wasn't doing it with a guy someplace out of doors, I couldn't get turned on."

But obviously in close proximity to her own residence, Miyuki doesn't dare indulge in such exhibitionist behavior. The relative privacy of a public coin shower, however, permits her to pursue her perverse penchant for promiscuous play.

While Miyuki's enthusiastic but unrefined techniques suggest she'd never been employed in the sex industry, she did come well equipped. Folded into a bath towel our reporter saw a tube of skin lotion, bottle of throat gargle and several condoms.

"How did I get started in this? Well, my hubby's salary is pretty low, and I wanted to have some extra spending money. We don't have kids, and it's kinda boring to stay home all day by myself."
Miyuki's usual charge for 30 minutes, which will included stripping to the skin, slipping inside the shower, soaping up and going all the way, is 20,000 yen. For half that figure, she'll allocate the same time, but end the occasion with oral only.

This time she agreed, for an additional consideration, to pose for nude photos, so the total cost to Jitsuwa Taiho came to 40,000 yen.

After the sudsy sex session ended, Miyuki's kinky urges were still kindled, so for an additional 5,000 yen, she took the reporter back to her apartment building for a second serving. On the topmost floor on the outdoor fire escape, the two embraced. After slipping a latex muzzle on ol' Fido, she leaned against the banister while he did her doggy style. Now that's about as kinky as it gets. (By Masuo Kamiyama, contributing writer)

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