Friday, March 7, 2008

The screaming teacher.....

So yesterday i was sitting in the language lab, probably not working. I cant really remember. And i heard this male voice shouting at someone. Of course it is really fast so it is beyond my Japanese level. Boy was it fast. And it was loud. Kinda reminded me of those WW2 movies with the shouting Japaneses soldiers. He sounded really scary like they do in the movies. Anyway, so i asked someone what was going on and Gomi Sensei said that he was yelling at her because she had dyed her hair. Abit of an overreaction is probably what you are thinking. However, she also tried to convince him that it was her natural color. It was the slightly brown. I think he was more angry that she lied to him about her natural colour.

But the most amazing thing was that he was screaming at her in the hall and she was surrounded by teachers. Two males and one female. Plus the screaming one. I mean everyone could see and hear what they were saying. She wasnt crying but she was close.

Now back to the overreaction thing......perhaps to a westerner this would seem abit of an overreaction. It did to me. The lying thing would have made me mad in Australia. But this is not Australia. The hair colour thing is very important here because appearance is very important here. And on saturday is the Graduation ceremony. So they all have to have black hair for that.

I am not sure how i feel about it. I kinda feel like saying "well who wasnt that different" but here it really matters. I guess thats just one of the many differences between Oz and Japan. It did feel like an overreaction to yell like that about hair colour and lying. Very rarely do we yell at students like that in Australia. In High School at least. Or at my High School where i worked. But then again, I couldnt understand the words she said so maybe she was really rude. Who knows......

Just another interesting experience to add to the many i have had in Japan.

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