Sunday, March 23, 2008

Cherry blossoms start blooming in Tokyo

Finally, it is time to go and see the Cherry Blossoms. But as there are only up to 5 out in Tokyo maybe i should wait. That is right, this article was sparked by only five flowers starting to bloom. To a foreigner it seems abit silly to get so excited about five flowers. But i guess it is a very important and special time in Japan so when they start to bloom it is a big deal.

Cherry blossoms started to bloom in Tokyo on Saturday, according to the Meteorological Agency.

Cherry blossoms started blooming in Tokyo Saturday, six days earlier than usual but two days later than last year, the Meteorological Agency said.
The March 22 bloom is the ninth quickest start to the cherry blossom season since records began in 1953.
The agency announced that the national flower also started to bloom Saturday in Shizuoka and Kumamoto prefectures.
Tokyo's cherry blossoms are measured from Yasukuni Shrine in central Chiyoda-ku. As of Friday, three buds were found open, but the sun and warmth in the capital on Saturday opened five or six. About five or six officials have confirmed that there were blossoming flowers.
Cherry blossoms usually need about one week from the start of their bloom to become fully open.

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