Wednesday, August 15, 2007

My schedule for the rest of the August.....and start of September

15th - my bday, Ueno Zoo to see Pandas and Polar Bears

16th Saitama Orientation
17th Siatama Orientation

18th Festival in the Danchi (apartment block)
19th Festival in the Danchi

20th Going to Kamakura Day Tour - Great Buddha, lake and rainforest

21st Work at home - BOE to collect Alien Registration card and get Mobile phone

22nd Tokyo Tour - Tokyo Bay cruise, Imperial Palace, Asakusa Temple, Tokyo Tower

23rd Work at home
24th Work at home

25th Mt Fuji trip
26th Mt Fuji trip

27th Meet our school supervisors

28th Work at home

29th Helping students with their speeches for the English speaking contest

30th Work at home
31st Work at home

1st Nikko Tour
3rd School starts

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