Tuesday, August 21, 2007

My Bday

My bday started off kinda dull and i was abit depressed. No presents to unwrap or close family and friends to spend it with. Then my friend Mario came over and gave me the cutest panda toy. Then Kara arrived and we all headed to the Ueno Zoo. The main point of going to the zoo was so that i wasn't at home dwelling on being away from family and friends. AND also to see the Pandas and Polar Bears. We got there about three thirty....so missed the Panda feeding and i guess it was abit too stressful for the little guy (actually he was not so little) cause by the time we got there he was fast asleep. I am going to go back when it is cooler and see if i can see him awake.

The Polar Bears were awesome. Although i felt bad for them because unlike in Queensland they are in the open air. So it must have been really hot for them. The ones in Queensland are behind glass so that the area stays nice and cool for them. Here in Japan, it wasn't cooler at all near the Polar Bears and all they seemed to do was pace. The zoo does shoot ice cubes out of the walls for them though.

Then we went on to see a range of animals, including Kangaroos, Saltwater Crocs and Gorillas. After that we headed to TGI Fridays (Thank god its Friday), an American resturant. I had the yummiest Fajitas and then i was surprised by a huge sundae with sparklers on it. I was just thinking that they were taking a long time to clear the table and bring the dessert menu. The whole section of the resturant sang happy bday to me. It was a really nice night. Plus they come back and take a polariod of you and your friends. Then put it into a special card and one of the attendents drew me and wrote happy bday.

All in all my 25th was a good bday.

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