Friday, August 24, 2007

Australia makes the front of the Japanese newspaper.

I woke up on Thursday and went to my door to collect my newspapers and boy was i surprised to see that the main headline was "For Aborigines, law feels like a violation". It is all about the new laws that Federal Parliament passed a couple days ago. There is a photo of Papunya on the front and one of the 9 Aborgines that walked out of the desert in 1934 and saw white people for the first time.

It is actually a really good article. Good coverage of both sides and article isn't written for political gain. When i was talking to mum on Thursday, she said that the article was really up-to-date because some of the info in it was only made public on Thurs morning.

The photo made me abit homesick because of the beautiful hills in the background of the photo and the red dirt.

Anyone who wants a copy please let me know and i will photocopy it for you.

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