Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I love beef and potatoes

Isn't it strange how when you don't have access to certain things...that is all you crave.....I just cooked the nicest curry with beef and potatoes. In Australia, i was not really a big beef eater. But the other day at the supermarket i found Australian beef and even though it was hugely expensive i just had to get it. And i finally got around to cooking it. It was like heaven on a plate. Don't get me wrong, I like Japanese food. Just not all the time. Plus i can't read most of the stuff in the supermarket so it is hard to know what it is. Mostly it has Kanji on it which is the writing that originated in China and uses one symbols for full words. You need over 10,000 of them to read the newspaper here. Anyway, I have been trying all sorts of different things. But today was just awesome.

Another Jet in my area has been eating all the Japanese food he can fit in since we arrived. But yesterday we had a discussion about how we long for some western food. He said that this sounds about right. We have been here for about two weeks and the newness is starting to wear off. Still really enjoying Japan, just craving some comfort food. Like strawberries....can't seem to find them anywhere.....maybe they are only a winter fruit...i can't remember.

I have asked mum to send me a care package from home with some food in it. Can't wait to get it.

Well hope this hasn't bored you too much


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