Monday, June 30, 2008

Visiting my Japanese parents

I wanted to go and see my host parents from 2006 one more time before i left Japan. So i headed off early in the day and took three trains to get to Tsurugashima. Now the most important thing about this day was not just seeing my Japanese parents but also that i would have to speak Japanese all day. Mama san speaks a few words of English but Papa san speaks none. So we went in the car to the Saitama Craft Centre. They had taken me there when i visited them in 2006 and i really wanted to go again before i left to go home. I really wanted to make some more Japanese paper. It is done in the traditional way of scooping the fragments of the paper and flattening them out by shaking the tray. Then you can decorate them with flowers. So pretty once they are dried. It was awesome.

First we went and had some lunch at a noodle place. They had soba and i had udon. It was very much like last time. There was tempura with it and the biggest serve of noodles ever. It was a nice last Japanese meal for me.

Then it was into the craft centre. I think i will let the photos of my work speak for themselves. I had a really good time though.

While we were in there, a school group were on an excursion so they all stared at me of course and then listened intently when i spoke Japanese to my parents. I dont know if they were amazed that i could do it or that my Japanese was so bad that they were just listening to try and understand me. Anyway, they came and watched me decorate my paper and one girl even did one of my postcards for me. They were so cute and just loved watching me. The joys of being a gaijin (foreigner) in Japan.

Then we headed home for some nice relaxing time. We had afternoon tea and i had the most awesome homemade strawberry ice cream. Mama san makes the best food, we had grapefruit jelly that was set in the grapefruit skin. Who knows how she did that. And then the presents came out. I gave them some more stuff from Australia and in true Japanese style they gave me some things too. It was very fun!!!!!!! Papa san also wanted to buy me some things at the craft centre so i picked a few cheaper things because i didnt want them to spend too much money but they just kept sending me back for more. I think he ended up spending like $80 on me. So once it arrives in the post at home i will be able to send them a photo of it in my house.

Then because i said that i love Yakiniku, they took me out for dinner. I was going to miss Korean bbq when i went home and was glad to eat it again in 12 hours. Once with Keiko in Omiya and now with my host parents. I tried to offer to pay some money but Papa san said no cause he is my dad. How sweet is that. I was really sad the leave them but hopefully i will get to go back and see them soon.

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