Monday, June 30, 2008

Saizeriya with Amy - true Japanese experience

Okay so you haven't had the real Japanese experience till you have eaten at Saizeriya. I thought that i hadn't been there before so Amy and i agreed it was a must before i left the country. So i took the train to her station - musashi urawa and we headed off to educate me on the ways of Saizeriya. It is an Italian resturant that Amy and Shane love cause the wine in cheap and the food is not too bad. Turns out i did got to Saizeriya with my Gramps and some family friends but all good. I got to go again. So we ordered up a feast and Amy started to get drunk on the $2.00 wine. Yeah i dont know if it is that cheap but it is cheap and she says it tastes okay so there you have it. Then Chris joined us and we had a good old laugh. Def one place to visit if you go to Japan. Tasty, CHEAP and good fun for all.

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