Monday, June 30, 2008

Last day at my school in Japan

My last day at school in Japan was a good one. I was kinda cranky at first though cause two days before Gomi sensei ordered me to write a speak and give it in the teacher's morning meeting. She could have at least asked but that is not her way. Anyway, i wrote it and then my friend Kim and also a teacher from school checked it for me. So my day started with me standing at the front of the room where the principal directed me while everyone looked at me. I stood till someone felt sorry for me and pulled a seat over for me. So then i gave my speech and headed off to do my normal routine at work - which is nothing....thats right nothing at all usually. I did get some really nice presents that day though. I got a pink scarf from some of the English teachers, dont know who cause there was no card. And Kim sensei said that she had chosen it and was disappointed that Moriya sensei didnt give it to me in front of all the staff. Very strange country and school. Kim sensei understands me very well because she had lived in America and Britain. So it was nice for the last part of my time in Japan to have someone to help me. Then the prinicipal asked me to come down to see him. Actually, he sent someone up to get me and take me down. So he gave me this beautiful tea cup as a thankyou. It was so beautiful. And it was very nice of him to do that.

The last thing i did for the day was attend Kim Sensei's class for the year 12s. It was an extra class and i wish i had more chances to participate in these sorts of classes throughout the year. We played games and one student gave me a farewell card and another gave me a farewell shell from Okinawa. It was the perfect way to end my last day at school.

Then Kim sensei and i went home. And it just happened that the prinicipal and vp were standing at the door when i was leaving so we had a photo taken and then they stood and waved and watched me leave. Except that it was raining so Kim went to get the car and so they were standing there for ages and eventually just left. I dont think they knew what to do with themselves. We couldn't keep bowing forever and it did seem like forever.

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