Monday, June 30, 2008

Japanese Pachinko vs Alice Springs Grog shop

Okay so when i would ride to school in Japan, i was always perplexed by the lines outside the Pachinko (gambling, like pokies) palour at 8am in the morning. A nice neat and straight line. It was amazing at that time of the morning. Perhaps it is my naive upbringing (with regards to gambling) in Alice Springs or maybe it is a Japanese thing. Anyway, i was always amazed.

Then the other day i was driving home on my lunch break which is about 1pm and i noticed that there were about 25 Indigenous Aussies standing outside Todd Tavern (Pub). I guess they were waiting for the grog shop to open. Now, I was in Japan when the intervention began and so i haven't seen many of the changes that have been made in and around Alice Springs. I thought as I drove past how it reminded me about the Japanese lining up for the Pachinko palours. I was shocked to see both these Japanese people and these Australian waiting so early for these two places to open. And i realised that I was reacting to something that one year ago would not have been a big deal. It is amazing what one year in another country can do to your perspective. And i guess that is the point of this post. That life as i knew it is not there anymore and i am different and so is Alice Springs. I look forward to many more experiences that makes me think like this.

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