Monday, June 30, 2008


So i knew that my time in Japan was coming to an end and i still hadnt seen any sumo. So i booked a tour with Hato Bus and off i went. It was awesome. I didnt really think that i would like it but the atmosphere was awesome. And after that i always watched it on TV.

First, we took the train to the sumo arena and then we went into the museum. Which was tiny compared to how i thought it would be. It said that you could go in for free and no wonder cause it was tiny. I would be pissed if i had to pay to go in there. Then we went to find our seats which took awhile cause our guide was abit strange and not really all there i think. He was very scatterbrain and we even had to wait for him at the gate cause he couldnt find his tour guide pass. Stupid!!!!!!!!!!!

While we waited for him, we took photos at the huge murals on the outside of the building. Once in our seats we watched some of the newer sumo. Then came the entering the ring ceremony. There is a defensive and an offensive side and they enter the ring at different times. And each has a different signature pose or movement that four of them do. It was very interesting.

Then began the real bouts. The ones that end in one sumo becoming the grandmaster. The atmosphere was amazing and i loved every minute of it. And after the last fight the people sitting right near the ring threw their zabuton up in the air it was so fun.

Then i waited outside the gates for the sumo to leave. I waited and waited and finally got to see some of them leave. The most famous one was Ama, who is the last one to leave so that was pretty cool. The girls went crazy for him. He has a pimply face and is not very attractive at all but there you have it. I will put a photo on here of him.

Then i headed home. I think the most amazing thing for me was that i actually loved a wrestling sport. I am so glad that i made the effort to go. I would love to see it on TV here.

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