Monday, May 26, 2008

Waiting around in the school gym

So in Japan, each employer and school provides a health check each year. This includes weight and height checks, x-ray and a range of other check ups. It is a good idea i think. But on the otherhand, they arent given immunisations at schools here. So they have to get them from the doctor. I think a happy medium would be having both in Australia schools.
I helped out by checking weights. It was amazing how heavy some of them are and how light others were. THere were girls who are in grade 11 who were 80kgs and others who were 32kgs. The girls were so proud if they lost weight and not so happy when they didnt. I was abit worried that it made them focus too much on weight and if this were part of school life in Australia, that we would have more problems with eating disorders.

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