Sunday, May 25, 2008

I just dont understand why this is okay????

So there are these rules on the trains here in Japan, like not talking on your mobile phone while on the train. And until very late at night, EVERYONE obeys this. Well except for the occasional phone call and the gaijin (foreigners) who either dont know or care about the rule. I have to admit i can be put into the dont care category at times because sometimes you cant do things through a message.

However, It is okay to send messages while on the train. But not if you are sitting in the priority seats. Which let me tell you is very strange in itself. There is a sign that says to turn your mobile off whenever you are sitting in these seats. So that sick people (define please - maybe people with pace makers but who knows), pregnant women and people with small children (most of which have mobile phone that their little children are holding and playing with). So as you can see i am not to sure about this whole idea of turning off your phone in the priority area because it is not sectioned off with a wall of anything. So you can be standing right next to it and not be in the priority area and still use your phone. HUH!!!!!!!

I do think it is a good idea on the crowded trains because it would be really awful when you are bunched together like that if people were talking loudly on their phone. It does make the train a nice quiet place which is nicer than kids screaming into their mobiles like in Oz.

BUT here comes the real part that i dont understand. If you look at the photos below you will see
a woman cutting her nails and leaving them on the floor of the train. Yes, yes I was very sneaky about the photo. NOT!! I think she knew cause she turned away from me, eventually. Anyway, i just dont understand why it is not okay to talk on your phone on the train but it is okay to clip your nails and leave the crap all over the floor. I mean how gross is that????!!!!

I just dont understand!!!!!!!!

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