Saturday, June 2, 2007

Placement in Japan

Hi all,

I recieved my placement for my time in Japan. I will be in Saitama-Ken. Which is a prefecture, kinda like a province or state. The place I will be in is Kawaguchi. It is right next to Saitama City, which is where I was last year in July. So I will be North of Tokyo. Tokyo is only a short train ride from where I will be. The other Japanese teacher at my school here in Alice is from Saitama City so I will get to see her when she comes for a holiday. I am really excited about going now because i get to go back to an area that I know.

Also starting to get abit sad about leaving my friends and students. My family are already planning trips to see me. And hopefully some of my friends will come see me too.

Love Tubby


tony.muller said...

Hi Laura,

You sound very excited about this posting. I hope you have a great time. I remember the photo that you have posted and it reminds me of the trip we were both very lucky to go on in 2006. Have fun, learn lots and above all enjoy the experience.

Regards Tony Muller (Hobart)

Erson Bolos said...

Well done tubs! Glad that things are working out for ya. So when are you gonna fly me there?