Wednesday, January 30, 2008

It snowed in my city......


So i got up and went about my morning routine. I opened the curtains just before leaving my apartment but left without opening the lace curtains. I noticed that it said that it was going to rain so i picked up my umbrella and then headed out the door. When i got outside i thought that it was raining already. Till i noticed that it was white and bigger than rain. I almost cried i was so excited. It was only very small bits to start off with but it was awesome having it fall on me as i walked.

It just so happened that this was also the day that Heath Ledger was discovered dead. So my friend Shane and i were talking about that and then as a fellow aussie we also went crazy about the snow. I spent the whole train and bus ride to school watching the snow fall and hoping that it would be thick enough for me to make a snowman. I sat and watched it snow all morning and took more photos than i could count with my hands and toes. I have included a couple of them. One of the teachers came outside and took the photos above this. And the best one is of when a snow flake fell on my nose just as he took the photo.

It was so exciting and hopefully will happen again in Feb, which is the coldest month here. Here's hoping.
School field (normally brown)

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